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So, I have been considering a new digiscoping camera.

I am looking to expand my ISO range, and improve my video capabilities.

Currently, my ISO incriments between jumps are more than I would like.

As well, my video shooting ability is not what I would like.

I have looked at the Sony alpha A77 camera body.

But, I cant find the most important piece of information. Will it work with the TLS APO. 

Some cameras will not allow the LCD screen, or "live view" mode to work, unless the camera body senses that there is a lens attached.

Since the TLS APO is not the type of lens that is made to fit any brand of camera, it does not have the electronic connections the the traditional lenses have.

Does anybody know if the A77 will allow the live view function to work with the TLS APO?

I really like the 24 megapixels, and the 60 frames per second in 1080 video, and the INTERNAL image stabilization.

I need to look into the ISO incriment range. The web site says it has a very high ISO range, but does it incriment in 100 steps, or does it double itself each incriment?

I think it would be really neat to get the image stabilization, and 60fps. 

The only way I currently have to test it out is to buy a sony T2 adapter from Swarovski, then go to a camera store and test it out.

Unless.......... someone here already has this camera.

Biggest concern, does live view work without a lens attached?

Second biggest concern ISO incrimnets.

I may just switch up my digiscoping gear here in the next few months, if this all works out.

I will have to go through a learning phase again. 

Its been nice to finally be "quick" with adjusting my settings. That takes practice. Lots of practice. 

If I end up switching camera brands, I will have to relearn all the settings adjustment paths. But it may be worth it. Especially if that internal image stabilization works like I hope.

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Dannys Digiscoping
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I reckon you should ask here...


There must be someone that can answer for sure in this forum.

I have used a Sony on a third party adapter and I'm fairly sure live view worked ok, but you have to set the camera to release the shutter without a lens attached.

its worth u knowing that the EVF's on the Sonys are outstanding and work as well as live view on these systems.

good luck,


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I see you have already posted on DynaxDigital under the name "Temporary" and by the looks of it you have found your answer.

I own the Sony A65, the stripped version of the A77...I would reccomended either and as Danny said the EVF is amazing!


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I went over to the forum you suggested.

I did not get as detailed an answer as I had hoped for.

I was wishing someone would be able to tell me what did and did not work specifically.

But, it looks like the camera will function at least for stills, since there is a setting that will allow you to release the shutter without a lens.

As for the  video modes, and all the manual funtions, who knows?

Thanks for the link.

I am now going to order the T2 adapter.

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If I understand correctly you want to know if you will be allowed to record if there is no lens attached to the camera?...well with my A65 I turned it on and hit record and it recorded with no lens attached and it saved the recorded file too....maybe that answers your question? ^^


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