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Brian McCombe.
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Danny has asked me to post this review and i sincerely hope it will be of help to fellow Digiscopers:)

Click on my flickr photostream link above to see the new equipment and new Sony/Kowa images.

Ist off,i have been using for almost 2/12 years the Nikon V1 and am really delighted with the results.

However in my humble opinion the New Sony RxMk11 together with the new Kowa zoom lens will bring Digiscoping Images to a higher level than the V1.Why ?

There is a massive 1inch sensor in the Sony (a first for a point and shoot compact).There are rumours that the New Nikon V3 will have a 1nch sensor (Lets wait and see !).

Compare on flickr the definition between my Nikon/Sony Images and judge for yourselves.

Why are Kevin Bolton and Paul Hackett (Two of the top Digiscopers in the World) using this camera now ?? :

Simply because IQ (Image quality) is outstanding.

However the Sony is NOT perfect :

The Camera itself is tiny and if you have large hands (mine are small) menu navigation,exposure control,iso settings etc can be a "Pain In The A**se" to control in the field.:( and requires real precision for effective menu navigation.

The Biggest problem with the Sony is that the lens retracts automatically when trying to save,protect,delete images etc.A REAL PAIN !!.

However this can be resolved by having precise allignment to your lens and two clicks on the digital zoom will eliminate vignetting quickly and you are ready to shoot again.

Please Note.Vignetting is not an issue with the Sony/Kowa configuration (Zoom the Sony Kit lens a small amount and all vignetting is gone)

Shooting in Low Light can present problems and frankly the Nikon V1 with it's outstanding 18.5mm lens will enable you to increase shutter speed and iso.I put both cameras in my bag !.

Noise levels are very reasonable and i can push ISO to 400 on a bright day,however beyond 400 noise will be a problem.

The RX is NOT Cheap.It retails at around 600 euros for the camera BUT For Digiscoping success you will also need the electronic viewfinder (460 euros vastly overpriced :().Forget trying to use the LCD Screen in bright sunlight.You won't see anything.

Having the wireless remote (Around 110euros)  is really really useful.This attaches to your tripod arm and you can zoom,shoot in burst mode and even record HD Video without touching the camera.Fantastic !!.


If you buy the Sony,you must have the new Photoshop CC editing program,otherwise you cannot edit your images in Photoshop Camera RAW.

This was a nasty shock to me,as i was using the excellent Photoshop CS5 Extended.:o

Ok you can download for free Sony's RAW Program but it is nowhere near the quality of Photoshop (Send me a private message to my fb page for further info on how to obtain Photoshop CC)  ;)

OK,thats it for the camera.Overall opinion ?

(Despite the negatives).An amazing addition to the Digiscoping Arsenal :)

However : !!

Unless you have a top line scope (Swarvo,Kowa,Zeiss,Leica,Nikon etc you will have difficulty in acheiving the results you really want.

I have been using Kowa's 883 Angled scope for almost 4 years now (Along with Kowa's 30x fixed eyepiece) and i have never regretted it.

Now i have upgraded my Kowa and now use exclusively the TE-11-WZ 25-60 Zoom Lens.

This is without doubt the highest quality optic Kowa has produced so far.(And Very expensive around 700 euros,OUCH THAT HURTS !!)

However,top quality optics are essential for digiscoping success.

Not only does the zoom include two XD lenses but the image quality even at 60x magnification is truly outstanding.

And very very powerful !!

What does all this mean to a Digiscoper ?

Well simply put  if a medium to large sized bird (Gull,Heron etc) is at around 100meters distance and the light is good,With the Sony and the Kowa:


Check out my Spoonbill Images on Flickr,they were all captured at this distance :).

Well everyone i hope this post was of interest to you.

Many thanks again to Danny for giving me the opportunity to review this outstanding Digiscoping combination.


Brian McCombe.


February 2014.



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Dannys Digiscoping
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Brilliant Brian,

A treasure trove of useful info!

Thanks for taking the time to contribute :)


February 3, 2014 at 12:27 PM Flag Quote & Reply

Brian McCombe.
Posts: 2

My pleasure Danny.


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