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I have been sick this week. Missed some work. Do not feel well at all.

But, this morning I woke up, watched the weather and saw that it was snowing up where the sage grouse are.

Its a little over an hours drive from home, but I figured I could make it.

The wife said I was nuts, I should not be driving, I should be in bed.

But, you gotta make the sacrifice if you want to get the shot right?

These snow images will be a bit grainy. Due to the heavy cloud cover, and it being early morning, there was not a lot of light.

I had to use a high ISO. My camera gets grainy when I get into the high ISO range.

ISO 1600 shutter speed 1/400 white balance cloudy.

Then, the snow stopped falling, the sun came out, and everything was PERFECT!!!!!

I could not have asked for better conditions.

The air was clean and crisp, the birds were clean and fresh. It was excellent!

I dropped my ISO to 200 and kept the shutter around 1/500. Changed the whitebalance to daylight.

Then, these two birds started squaring off to do a little fighting.

I got the spotter on them, and tried to get focused before the action happened.

And then...... the action happened.

Its kind of difficult to tell, but that is the two birds in the above pictures. Its just one jujped on top of the other, smashing him into the ground.

So, that was wroth the drive.

On the way home, the freeway was blocked for two hours.

There had been a huge car accident, due to the snow. It took forever to get it all cleared up.

So, I took an alternate route home. Its a little longer drive, its winding, and slow.

On the way, I came across a flock of wild turkeys.

Its the breeding season for these birds as well.

There was a tom turkey in full strut, so I of course pulled over. Got my gear out and snaped a couple pics.

He had about nine hens with him.

Sure beats staying home in bed. 

In truth, I should have stayed home. My head was spiltting, my throat is sore, and I have no energy.

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I forgot to add, the magnification was set to 40X for those pics.

Also, I shot a little video of the sage grouse in the snow storm.

Its kind of neat. Shows the conditions very well.


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Do you ever shoot with a car window mount with the ATX?

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Sorry it took me so long to rely.

I have taken a handful of images off a car window mount.

I use a manfrotto window mount with a manfrotto hydrostatic ball head.

I do not like shooting off the window, its never as stable as my tripod.

Circumstances dictate the need to shoot off the window mount.

If time is critcal, and it is the only option, I will put the window mount up, but I prefer to set a tripod just outside the car door and shoot from my car seat if I have time to do that.

As you can tell, most of my digiscoping is not done from a vehicle. Most of it is on foot, with all my gear loaded into a backpack.

I have at times used a vehicle with a hatch back and set up a tripod inside the vehicle, with the rear window rolled down. 

Again, using the tripod, even when there is a window available. 

Especially if there are other people in the vehcile. 

Spotting scopes have a high magnification, that translates to tiny movements being magnified. 

Stability is a key to clear images.

You can see I like to use low ISO settings. I find this gives better color depth. But, it means slower shutter speeds.

Low ISO, slow shutter speeds, and a wobbly window set up does not make for a good combination.

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