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I have a spotting scope with a 20x-60x zoom eyepiece.I have two compact cameras that I connect to the scope using a digiscope adaptor.With the Fuji (6x optical zoom) it is impossible to get rid of severe vignetting.Increasing the optical zoom of the camera makes the vignetting worse.With the Ricoh(2x optical zoom) vignetting  occurs but can be removed by increasing the optical zoom of the camera as long as the 20x setting is used on the scope.If I increase the zoom on the scope beyond 20x the vignetting becomes progressively worse and cannot be iradicated.it must be possible to calculate which camera /scope combination will be the most effective from manufacturer specifications.But how?I cannot use the trial and error method at my friendly camera store because I dont have one!I also prefer to use compact s rather than a DSLR or 4/3 simply because of the weight issue and I don't either of those.



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Try using the macro zoom on the camera.

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