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I was out looking for sheep again today.

As I hiked through the rocks, I kept flushing common nighthawks. 

Of course, my tripod, spotting scope, and camera are in my backpack. I never had enough time to get them out, let alone get set up and get a shot.

But then, as I was almost to the area where I would find some sheep, I saw another nighthawk. This one was sitting high in a boulder with the skyline at his back. 

I got my gear out, set it up and snapped this pic.

Then, like all the others, it was gone.

I set the ISO at 100 and the shutter speed was 1/500. Whitebalance set to daylight.

30X magnification on the scope.

Then I had to break all that stuff back down and put it back in the pack. 

When I got to the sheep, the heat waves were so bad, all the footage I got was really poor.

So, the nighthawk saved the day.

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