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Can the Canon PowerShot SX50 be used as a spotting scope? Replacing scope and camera? Thanks..

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Dannys Digiscoping
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The SX50 does have great zoom capabilities, and will work well for distance work. 

Although it wouldnt have the same versatility in terms of observation it would work ok for sure.



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I actually have some expirience with this.

I have a friend who uses a Canon XS50 and also has a Vortex optics digiscoping set up.

I alaso have a friend who has a Sony super zoom, similar to the SX50 and he also has a Swarovski digiscoping set up.

For taking pictures at long ranges, the superzooms do well. For taking pictures at very long ranges, both the super zoom bridge cameras, and the digiscoping stuff loose quality.

The superzooms are much easier to use. Just turn on the camera, zoom, and take the picture.

But, as Danny stated, the cameras are useless for viewing a subject over long distances.

The two guys I know, who use both options contuinue to use both options.

They find that they like the option to choose wich method they will use based on the conditions they are facing.

But, for looking at a critter and just enjoying it, the is no replacing a spotting scope.

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