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i tried with p340, Bushnell Elite scope and although i'm just starting this form of photograpy the images were purple fringed and a little out of focus.i was fully zoomed out 5x. should i stick to closer birds and use the lens at 3x? no wind that day and fairly sunny. used timer @ 10 sec. iso 200 s/s about 400-640 and f 5.6.

Thanks if you reply.

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1 kilometer is not too far to digiscope. 

Obviously you did it.

Getting really outstanding reuslts at that distance is not as easy.

On larger animals at distances near that, I have to have perfect conditions. And having top notch equipment will help as well.

But, over distance images will degrade in quality, clarity, and color.

Images like this, taken at extreme distance are possible, but not that interesting.

I took that shot with my scope cranked up on magnification and decent conditions.

If its a choice of going home with that pic or nothing, I guess I take the pic. But the results are not great.

I took this stuff from one of my posts from a while ago.

Under the pink arrow in this picture, there is a pronghorn antelope.

This is the image that I digiscoped from that distance.

That is a large animal.

Conditions were not great, but not super bad etiher.

Also, you have to take into consideration your level of expirience.

When I was new, distance was tough.

Its something you have to practice. I find that you have to try and fail, try again, fail, and keep trying different things.

Long distance stuff is tougher than the close stuff in some cases. Like camera settings. They seem to have to be more dialed in for long distance shots. Over exposure can destroy long distance shots. They already have so much working against them. 

But things like perfect focus of the scope seem to be more difficult in the close up shots. I think this is due to the increased ammount of detail that is shown on close shots. 

The fine details all blend together on distance shots. But close up, if something is off, its going to show.

Some of the issues you seem to be having are more in Dannys wheelhouse. 

I just want to encourage you to not give up on any of it. 

I say try the long stuff, try the close stuff. Try the into the sun stuff, try the stuff in the bad conditions as well as the perfect conditions.

Its the only way to get an understanding of what works and what does not.

Danny is a ton of help. He has good ideas and seems to understand what each of us new fellas is struggling with.

I owe every quality picture I digiscope to him. 

Patience and practice. The results will come if you are willing to play the game and try new stuff.

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