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The Digidapter

By Dannys Digiscoping (Danny Porter)

I purchased a Digidapter for my Swarovski X series scope. I planned to

use my Panasonic GX1 & 20mm pancake on the adapter.

It arrived with me in the U.K after around 2 weeks, most of which was a

customs delay!

As a digiscoper that spends a lot of time promoting, teaching and advice

giving, the Digidapter interested me because it looked like a good

quality, third party adapter that would hopefully be a solution for

those that don't want to spalsh out on brand adapters.

The adapter was very well machined, and fitted the scope perfectly. the

mounting platform was solid also and attached to the eyepiece section

with ease. I was even lucky enough to have the new style "locator pins"

in my parcel!

My main concern with all platform style adapters is the re-alignment of

my camera after I have taken it off the mounting platform to change

batteries or memory cards. Its a real annoyance havin to spend ages

re-aligning. I can happily report that this is not an issue with

Digidapter! The locating pins and the mounting screw thread make sure

that the camera goes back on in exactly the same place. Brilliant... and


I recommend anyone to try the Digidapter if you are serious about


Well done Paul on a great product :)

Click on the link for more info!



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hello danny amd others,

I see my favoured camera , a Canon G15  falls into the 'not on your nellie' category in Swarovski's  list of recommended cameras  published elsewhere on this site. Would, in your opinion, the US sourced 'Digidaptor' be a solution to whatever causes Mr S. to take such a dim view of Mr Canon's fine .IMHO, G15?

Thanks for you thoughts.


(damp in Pembrokeshire)


November 19, 2015 at 2:05 PM Flag Quote & Reply

Dannys Digiscoping
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Hi there, I haven't much experience with these cameras for scoping, but for some reason I think they just don't work for scoping. Probably a vignetting issue. It wouldn't matter what adapter you tried, the vignetting would still be the same I fear. If u have a scope then try holding the camera to the eyepiece of the scope and see how much (if any) vignetting there is. Sorry I can't be clearer here. Regards, Danny.
November 20, 2015 at 11:12 AM Flag Quote & Reply

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