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Digiscoping can be work.

I try no tot use my magnification if I dont have to.

But there are times when the subject just cant be reached.

I spotted these Rams from over 2 miles (3.2 + kilometers) away.

I needed to get a better look, and I needed to close the gap to get any kind of decent photos.

So, I put my gear on my back and walked. For over 2 hours I hiked up towards the sheep.

When I got to within about 500 yards, (just under .5 kilometer) I got busted.

The sheep saw me cross an open patch and the game was up.

 I tried to get some pics using a lower magnification. I believe this one was on 45X

I ended up having to magnify it even more, 60X to get the kind of framing I wanted.


Its hard to get super good, crisp, clear images at those distances. The high magnification does not help.

But, compare that to what I would have got with a 400mm camera lens........

Digiscoping saved the day.

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