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I tell you what, I love that Swarovski ATX 95 for the quality of the optic, but I walked 8.5 hours in tough terrain with that scope on my back, all to get these pics.

Sometimes I wish that scope weighed about 1/3 of what it does.

I had nos sun to work with, complete overcast.

So, the settings for whitebalance were obviously set to cloudy.

The ISO was at 400 and the shutter speed ranged from 1/30 to 1/125.

The photos were taken on a zoom range of 45X to 60X

I had some wind to contend with, but my new tripod modifications worked very well. 

I was able to get it low and wide and get a bit more stability out of it. 

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These are sooooooo beautiful.  I will be receiving the ATX 95 Swarovski tomorrow.  Need to do lots of practice.  Hope I can handle the big scope.  I am 66 years and do not hike long distances in the mountains any more.  We will have  to see.  Yellowstne here I come.

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