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I usually take note of my conditions before I digiscope.

While driving out, or when I arrive at my destination. I like to take a minute and look at the conditions. Then consider my optimal settting and get the camera "set close" to the settings I think I will need for the conditions.

On this weekend, I was just walking. Hiking, for about an hour and a half. 

I had not considered my conditions. I had not put one thought into what settings I might need, should I happen to come across something to digiscope.

Stupid. Just walking ignorantly through the woods.

Well, the results speak for themself. 

I had complete overcast skies. Full cloud cover, no sun.  Also there was a fog that was not thick, but was cutting down on light. 

So, while the fog did not create a barrier for my shot, I should have adjusted for the lack of light due to clouds and fog.

You may think that the picture is not bad, but there is a lot of motion blur if you look closely.

So, what went wrong.

First, whitebalance was set to daylight.

Second ISO was set to 100

Third, as a result of the ISO 100, the shutter speed was 1/80.

So, the shutter was open too long. and the image suffered.

Closer look.

The green arrows point out where I almost got a double image, or shadow image due to movment.

The rest of the image just has a soft, out of focus feel to it.

If you look at the first photo, you can see the background is out of focus, the foreground is out fo focus, the midlle ground is as close to focus as you get. But, nothing in the photo is actually "in focus".

Well, actually the subject was in focus, but the blur was caused by bad settings thus, the "out of focus" image.

Too bad. You dont get many opportunities to get that shot. Close, standing beautifully, nice composition, then you blow it with poor execution caused by lack of effort.

No excuse for it, just lazy, distracted, poor work.

Danny, I try, but even after a couple years doing this, I still need a kick in the butt to remind me not to get lazy.

Get off auto pilot. Think about what I am doing. 

I gotta quit going out to "take pictures". 

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