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Has anyone tried the newer mirrorless full-frame cameras for digiscoping??  If so, did you manage to take advantage of the big CMOS on these cameras and, if so, how did you do it?? 

To get specific, I'm looking at buying a Sony A7RII and using it with a Swarovski 90mm 30-70zoom scope.  Have the scope, but haven't invested in a camera or adaptor to connect it with the scope.  Swarovski says their lens adaptor will not take advantage of the full-frame CMOS in these cameras as yet, but they are working on a new adaptor for them. So, that leaves me thinking the right lens and adjustable adaptor would be my only choice at this time.

Any ideas?  Due to the size of the CMOS, compared to the smaller 4/3 camera CMOS, I'm thinking at 20mm pancake lens will not fill a full-frame CMOS.  Thanks very much!!


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Dannys Digiscoping
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Hi! Great question, and here's my thoughts for you! Full frame for scoping means that you will get vignetting if you use the TLS APO. You will struggle to relieve vignetting on any set up. Personally, most digiscopers enjoy using the micro 4/3 cameras as the crop factor is handy, and the Panasonic systems are superb. Unless there are any adapters planned for full frame cameras I'd stick to what works, and what is used by the worlds best digiscopers. I hope this helps, Regards, Danny
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