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I don't know about you, but some places are easier to digiscope in than others!

I often find that small hides are a bit of a problem, and areas with soft ground can be awkward also.

Are there any reserves that are a no go, or are there places to go where people are always taking photographs?

Let us know!!

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So far I am really discorouged to go to forest farm again. It is a wonderful place full of life but I think the hides are too dark for a good picture to come out. I did see a few people down the newport wetlands with digiscopes but I found nothing down there a result of too many chidlren has shyed the creatures away. Both are in Wales by the way.

I always picture digiscopers on cliff edges snapping shots of birds at the shore, I have not tried it myself but it seems the ideal place


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As a newbie to the forum I and to digiscoping I would like suggest a few places I have seen fellow birders digiscoping if your in the area of Hull,the East Coast & Lincolnshire. Firstly Flamborough Head and Bempton Cliffs the latter being an RSPB reserve are excellent clifftop ares for Gannet colonies, Puffins, Auks and Kittiwake. The Cliff ledges are littered with birds ,photography as well as scoping are well within easy distance for excellent images.

Spurn Point is another superb place to spot the rarer birds as the location acts as a stopping point for migratory birds. The mud flats when the tide is out is a real draw for the waders and Curlew,Turnstone, Ibis, Oyster Catcher in their hundreds and shelduck are regular feeders here and again all well within the scopes range. There are well place hides along the Humber Estury side of the point, but all can be accessed by foot if you go into 'Stealth' mode.Twitchers abound here for the rarities and digiscopers are here too.

Paull Holme Strays (Just outside the village of Paull)  an area of flooded farm fields ,to combat flooding, has become an area of wetland that attracts hundreds of waders and wildfowl. Dunlins,Knot,Redshank and Curlew are all here and in a neighbouring field Lapwings a plenty. Its a quiet place, and there is a hide that faces onto the Humber and the Strays but it is locked most of the time, which is useless really unless you know the keyholder.

Across to Lincolnshire now to Barton Upon Humber and to the Waters Edge Country Park, an area that has half a dozen or more large ponds that were once used for making bricks and roof tiles but now reeded and filled with native fish this large expanse of water draws all the wildfowl you'll ever want to see and photograph. Not only waterfowl though, Reed and Sedge Warblers, Bittern has been seen here, Yellow bunting Linnets, Chaffinch etc,etc not rarities I grant you but good opportunities to get some good images as the numbers are many around the ponds. Not only that but it's also located on the banks of the River Humber so a walk riverside will bring you close to waders on the mudflats. Obviously weekends are busy so a visit weekdays will give you the run of the place almost all by yourself.

Another place not far from the Waters Edge Country Park is Tophill Low notorious for the rare speceis that visit this area. Like Waters Edge there are many ponds left from the  brickmaking industry and waterfowl abound, Herons galore and recently a Purple Heron stopped over.

All of these places are regular entrants in the East coast guide to rarities as listed in Bird Watching magazine and there have been some corkers over the last year, pity it's always when I'm not there!!

I hope you have the opportunity to visit the places I have suggested. I visit them regularly and I will post my images from them in the near future.


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I must apologise to all those who have read my places to go, as the last place discribed is for Far Ings Nature Reserve and not Top Hill Low, I get mixed up in my old age between the two as they are both very similar wildlife habitats. Top Hill Low is near Driffield and has a good reputation to attract rare visitors. I will leave that one until another time as I don't want to hog the space.

Thanks for looking, Paggers.


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Minsmere has got to be one of the top sites. Stumpshaw fen over the border in Norfolk, Titchwell is also superb. Two masive hides over the scrape and the marsh with vast opening windows. Waders of all kinds and loads of water fowl top spot. Then theres Chris's Cafe at Studley Green for red kites. From 13:00 PM onwards you get about 30 to 40 red kites swooping down for scraps put out in the car park, but they also hang arround in the surrounding trees. Great place

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