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Uploading pictures to this site seems to be a bit of a problem at times so here is a guide on how to upload pictures to this blog.

Chances are your internet browser is either Intenet Explorer (IE) or Mozilla Firefox (MF)

My blog will ask you for a URL (web address, eg www.dannysdigiscoping.com) for the picture. So you need to upload your picture to a web based server. Bird Forum gallery is the best place to do this.

So, goto Bird Forum and register. Once you have done this you will need to resize your picture so that it isn't too big to upload to Bird Forums server.

Open your photoshop software on your pc and then open the picture file that you want to resize (usually click on File, Open, My Pictures, Choose the picture you want and click open)

Then crop (if you want to) and resize(Usually click on image, then image size) I usually resize all my pictures to 475 pixels wide. My photoshop then automatically resizes the height (called "contrain proportions") This is a good size for bird forums server. Once you have resized the picture will look really small, but this is normal. Save your smaller picture (File, Save as) and rename your file (e.g mypicturesmall.jpg)

This will then save your smaller picture as a seperate file so that you keep the original photo as well.

Ok, now go back to Bird Forum, goto the gallery, and then click on Upload Photo. Follow the on screen instructions to do this, and when finished you will see your picture in the gallery. The good thing about uploading your pictures here is that lots of birders and photographers will also see them and comment on them!

Right, this is the important bit.

Click on your picture and you will be taken to the actual gallery page that displays your picture.

Now, if you are using IE then right click on your picture, and then select properties. This will bring up some information about the image. Look for the URL (it will start http://www.birdforum.net/gallery/etc). When you find it then highlight it by clicking and holding down your LEFT hand mouse button and moving the cursor (little arrow) over the text of the URL only! Then RIGHT click your mouse (making sure the URL remains highlighted) and select copy.

If you are using MF then repeat the above steps but when you right click on the image for the first time look for "view image info", then look for the URL, it will say "location" followed by the URL.

Then once you have done all this goto my website, goto members blog and login. Then click on the upload image icon. You will be presented with a command box that asks you for a URL (this is the URL that you highlighted and copied). To put the URL into the text box(left click on the box as if you wer going to type into it,) and then simply right click on your mouse,  and select paste. The URL will then appear in the text box. Click on ok and your image should appear in the blog!!

I hope this helps anyone that was having trouble. I know its not always easy, but if you have any problems, please contact me and I'll try to walk you through the process.

Good Luck.


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