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Purple Fringing is a nuisance for any photographer, it is annoying frustrating and shouldn't be there for anyone to see just like John Barrowman. There is now hope for the novice photographer, for Photoshop there is an action which has been user created by someone unknown that will get rid of 95% of Purple Fringing, the action is called The Purple Fringe Killer *cue in music* dun dun duuuun.


Because I am so awesome I will show you how to use it, don't worry I will use little words. The First thing you will need to do is to download the action.

You can download it HERE


Extract the file and Send the location to the \Presets\Actions folder where Photoshop is installed on your computer. After that run Photoshop like you have never ran it before.


Now open your image,


You can see clearly on this picture the purple fringing around the edges of this mute swan


and a closeup


Now on Photoshop go to windows and select actions or alternatively you can press ALT & F9. This will bring up your actions window look for the one cleverly titled "purple fringe killer" click it once and beneath it there is a Play symbol hit that and away it goes a box will appear after the process, just click OK on that and here is the end results.


As you can see the purple fringing is no more


and on closeup 95% of it has now been removed


Here is also another example of the purple fringe killer in process

Try it yourself and post your results here!


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Thanks a lot for this one.  I'll give this a try. :)

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i can't see an Actions folder inside presets. files and folders aren't hidden. i sure would like to learn this trick of getting rid of purple fringe. thanks for posting it.

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