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I am selling my beloved Leica digi-scoping rig to fund another project that I hope to get off the ground soon.  

The rig consists of:

Leica Apo Televid 65 angled scope (mint and just under 6 months old)

Leica 25-50x Eyepiece (mint and just under 6 months old)

Leica D-Lux Digiscoping adapter (mint and just under 6 months old)

Leica D-Lux 4 camera (Excellent condition and less than a year old)

Panasonic Lumix filter adaptor and a circular polarizer for the D-Lux 4

All items are as new and boxed.  I'll post some pictures of the rig later today as I need to prep an advert for "FeeBay" too.

I'd prefer to sell this as a complete rig as I know it performs flawlessly and would like to think that it would go to a good home if sold on here.

The RRP for all of the above (using prices from Jacobs) is £2675.99

I'm asking £2100 all in.  That's a significant saving given the limited use this scope has had and that all of this is still under 1 year old.  Basically you're getting the camera and accessories for free !!!

Please contact me by return post or on 07540 139080 for more details





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Dannys Digiscoping
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This equipment is now sold.

Well done Chris!!

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