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Hi, i am aware that i can use the T connector with this scope and use DSLR but, as another poster mentioned , the eyepiece came apart when doing it ! I have since sorted that out but i don't like fiddling about with the eyepiece in the field so would prefer to try a compact .I am a complete novice at all this - tried today with a NIkon coolpix 5600 handheld -most images failed as i had terrible trouble lining camera and scope lens up .Also i presume the zoom is a bit of a hinderance (on the camera) .Can anyone advise as to a good camera to use with the scope ? and do i need an adaptor? I am not out to get magical art photos -more like  reasonable record shots when i am out birding .

nice site with lots of good info.by the way!!


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Hi Trevor,


Thanks for your question & welcome to The Forum!


I believe the Celestron Regal scopes come with an adapter that can be attached to the end of the eyepiece. This adapter will give you a 42mm thread known as the T thread.


You can indeed connect a T2 adapter (of your brand of DSLR) to this thread to directly connect a DSLR.


Alternately you can attach a compact camera to this thread using an adapter and/or a stepping ring.


My friend and fellow digiscoper Geriant has a blog which may help. He digiscopes with a Regal scope, and came across a pretty handy little adapter called the Jackar universal adapter. This could help you. There are also other ways to directly connect a compact to this scope, but it will depend upon the camera chosen.


However, if you don't want to use the adapter that Celestron provide you could use a universal digiscoping adapter. They are compatible with most compact cameras, and simply attach around the eyepiece of your scope. They are easy to put on/remove, and mean that you dont have to keep unscrewing things in the field!!


As for camera choice, its a massive world out there, and there are plenty of good cameras to choose from. As a rule of thumb, don't buy anything with a massive zoom, and try to get something with a 7-24mm lens. I tend to find they work better. Personally I think you could practice with an adapter and your 5600 for the time being. Its better than going out and spending loads. Thats how I started anyway! When you've practised a bit then come back and we can talk more about specific cameras.


The zoom on your camera should be ok. Handholding is blimmin difficult. Setting things up properly will help, and will cure your alignment problems. Also, you won't need to zoom the scopes eyepiece much at all. People often over zoom, which creates problems.


Also, I like the way you think. Starting small with no massive expectations is the best way to be. The digiscoping technique isn't easy, and you'll be amazed at just how much goes into taking a decent photo, its not just point and shoot! Keep your aims small until you've practiced a bit, you'll get less frustrated for sure!


And thanks for your kind comments. I do my best to help others and I'm glad you like it!! :D


Let me know how things go & good luck!!,





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Thanks for the quick reply (and comprehensive!). I will have a think about getting an adapter and will , as advised stick with the Coolpix for the time .Thanks very much for the advice .


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