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Here are some findings by Robert Cobbold

I have been comparing this camera with my P5100, trying to photograph the same birds with both cameras. I used aperture priority and 200 ISO on both cameras. Due to the not very bright weather the P300 photos were mainly at f4.9, the lowest the camera would give me at this time.


I normally wear glasses all the time, the 3 inch monitor is very good and bright so I do not need to take my glasses off. I have encountered only a few problems so far with sunlight reflection.


Due to the wide field of view the camera lens does stand off the telescope eyepiece a little using the specially designed adaptor by SRB Grittern. Therefore I use all the the optical zoom on the camera (about 75% on the P5100) to start with and this gives me a slightly smaller image to start with on the 25x scope setting, however this allows closer shots to be taken easier.


At ISO 200 the new camera shows much less grain in photoshop when cropping down. This perhaps the highlight so far.


I have not used the 8 frames per second much but it certainly works OK.


Overall so far I think it has beaten the P5100, it is very easy to use. Auto focus appears better than the P5100.

Was the P300 faster than the P5100?


I took a series of 11 single photos using the old and new cameras on a dull day of the same bird subject. In nearly all the photos the P5100 had a higher speed and a lower 'f ' number than the P300. However the quality of the P300 picture was able to take more cropping before noise was encountered than the P5100. I will do some more tests and keep you informed on aperture on brighter days.


I also saw the Leica rep. today at Cley Spy and I tried out the Leica X1 (cost about £1200+£100 for adaptor) on my Leica 65 scope. This compact Camera has a sensor the size of a professional DSLR camera. Lovely piece of kit with no vin. at 25x on the scope, and being that it does not have an optical zoom the zoom was all done on the scope. Once again today was dull and the P300 I thought suited digiscoping better than the Leica especially being £1000 cheaper. I suppose it will take more cropping than the P300 and you could obtain big pictures A3 upwards without noise, but I do not do this enlargement anyway.



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