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I have not been able to get out and do any digiscoping!

Its terrible.

I had a few hours last night, so I went out to see about the burrowing owls that I had digiscoped earlier in the spring.

As you can see, the grass that was once green is now drying out and turning brown.

I took a few pictures and a short video.


I have decided that I need to expiriment with the video scoping. 

I sat down this morning and did some looking into the camera settings for video. 

I feel that I have a good idea of what I need to do to shoot some nice video. 

We shall see. I hope to get out later today and see what I can get.

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Went looking for some pygmy owls and great horned owls tonight.

Did not find any.

But, I did find a great blue heron. I wouldnt have thought much about it. Except, it was in a lush, green, field.

Normally I find them in brown, grey, marsh settings. So to find one sitting in a green field was an opportunity I wasnt going to pass up.

The down side, it was late. There was not a lot of light.

I set the ISO to 400, turned the shutter speed to 1/180 

Got a few images before it flew away.

I wish there was some sunlight to bring out the colors, and less wind.

You can see the wind was blowing the feathers on its head around.

The bad news.......... My scope now needs to go into Swarovski for repair.

The button that releases the ocular module is stuck down. The pin that locks it in place is also stuck down.

No more digiscoping for me for a while. Hopefully this will be a good expirience. Its the first time I have had to deal with warranty issues on an item like this.

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I think these two photos are really good.  I like a little under exposed photos myself, so I think these are wonderful.  Where are you finding the burrowing owls, if you don't mind telling. 

August 21, 2013 at 11:12 PM Flag Quote & Reply

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Those owls are in Utah.

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