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So, I have found it easier to get focused using the view finder eye piece.

This is not as desirable as the LCD screen since you have to push your face up against the screen to use the eye piece.

I was looking around and found this.

Canons angle finder eye piece attachment.

This has two features that I like the idea of.

1. the angle finder has a magnification adjustment. It magnifies the view through the eye piece up to 2.5X This is designed to help with manual focusing. 

Manual focusing is what we digiscopers must deal with. If this tool can help you get the best manual focus it may be worth a try.

2. The eye piece rotates to allow you to view through it at different angles.

So, the question is, has anyone tried using one of these with a digiscoping set up?

Does it work well, or do you find it did not help improve focus?

What are the things you did or didnt like about it?

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Dannys Digiscoping
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This seems like a good solution. I've not used it myself, but my first thoughts are that using this would cause a little extra diturbance to the set up?

I like using live view on my 650D, and you can zoom from 5-10x. I have bought a velcro LCD shade so that I can see the screen properly, even in the brightest of conditions.

These viewfinders are quite pricy in the UK too, which puts me off a little.

Still, everyones tecnique is their own to practise, and it is only by trial and error that we can figure out what works for us best.

Thank you for another informative and interesting post, they are all excellent!



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