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Chad & Traci
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    My husband wants to get into digiscoping, but cannot find anyone to recommend any equipment.  We're headed to Yellowstone next weekend, so he wants to get something quickly.  He is dead-set on getting a straight scope, as he feels that it will work best from his deer blind when hunting this fall.  He will not be doing any birding, and doesn't feel that the angle-scope will work as well for him.  That being said, I've read many of your posts recommending the Celestron scopes.  I love the fact that they come with the adapter, but cannot find a straight Celestron scope. 

Any recommendations you can give would be greatly appreciated.  We need:

Scope (around $500 US)

Tripod (prefer fluid head)


We have several cameras that can be used, from Canon POS to a Sony a350 (Minolta lens).  I understand that the POS w/zoom will probably be our best bet.

Thanks so much for your time!


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Dannys Digiscoping
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Hi, thanks for your post. Firstly, before we chat about equipment understand that Digiscoping does take time, and quite a bit of it to get right. It's not a case of putting a camera on a scope and using it like a point and shoot. However, it does produce excellent results in time. Basically, my point is that I wouldn't want your husband to pin his hopes on Digiscoping on such an amazing trip. Take a back up camera so that those memories aren't totally missed! Your budget is pretty small, so you will be limited, but getting set up should be ok. To use a compact ( with an optical zoom of less than 5x) you will need a universal adapter. Have a look at my beginners page for an example. Scope wise I found straight Celestron scopes on Amazon.com (get at least the 80mm version), so take a look there to start. A good fluid head would be the manfrotto 701HDV. I use one and it is excellent. I would use your Sony DSLR directly connected to the scopes eyepiece. You will need a Sony T2 mount to do this. There is a lot for your husband to learn, and getting connected is just the beginning. Good luck, and if u need more help please get back in touch. I hope you have a lovely time at Yellowstone. Regards, Danny.
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Chad & Traci
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Thank you so much for the reply.  I was actually a photography major, so the trip is an incredible opportunity for me and my 70-300 zoom lens!  My husband, on the other hand, has never shown any interest in photography until he started reading about digiscoping.  He wants to just play around with it on the trip - but as usual, has procrastinated in getting any equipment.  We've tried to talk to photography shops, outdoor equipment stores, etc and cannot find anyone who knows anything about digiscoping.  He found your site by searching for more information online. 

We are staying at a place that rents Swarovski scopes and takes their guests on a wolf-watch each morning.  We have reserved a scope, but he thought it might be good to have one of our own so that the guide can help him 'set it up'. 
Thanks so much!  I'm sure that I will have a lot more questions as his new-found interest progresses.

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Dannys Digiscoping
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That sounds soooo cool!

I'd let your husband use the Swaro equipment. You'll find it expensive, but its so worth every penny (cent!!)

I love my Swarovski gear. I own my own ATS 80 HD, and have an ATX 95 on loan from Swarovski to tutor on and play with.

I'd advise that you put off buying any equipment of your own until you've tried digiscoping. Its not for everyone, and you'll find it differs greatly to conventional photography.

I'd love to hear about your trip and how you get on with digiscoping!! :)

All the best!!

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Since you are already out west, the closest digiscoping adapter to you is the tines up adapter.

Its out of Utah I believe, and can be shipped to the surrounding states real fast.


Its not super cheap, and you will have to order it after you decide what scope you are goinf to get. 

They are scope specific.

Vortex makes a few that are in the price range and widely available.

The vortex viper and diamondback are in the price range and have a great warranty.


You can find these at alomst all the sporting goods store out west.

Vortex also makes their own digiscoping adapters.


Nikon also makes some scopes in the price range and as you have a photography background, you will be farmiliar with nikon.

I believe the pro staff 5 and some of the smaller field scopes will fall into your price range.

A little harder to find the nikon digiscoping adapters locally at stores. Since you are in a hurry.

Leupold also makes some spotters that are very common in the price range.


They are more known for the rifle scopes, but they do make a line of popular spotting scopes.

I would recomend the Vortex myself.

If you want the best warranty and nice optics at a value price, vortex is leading the pack. 

Thats why you find them at just about every retailer around the west. Most stores also carry the digiscoping adapters.

Yellowstone should be a blast. 

Good luck with the wolves and bears. 

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