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I have a Helios Fieldmaster ED60DS scope and a Canon Eos 700D digital SLR, I would like to be able to put them together but I am having problems finding an adaptor. 

I was hoping that there was a simple bayonet type connection but would appreciate any help or advice that anyone can give. 

I am off to Texas soon and was hoping to get some good wildlife photos.

Thank you,


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Dannys Digiscoping
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Hi There,

Helios make an adapter for their newer 82mm scopes but I too cannot find anything for the 60mm scopes, sorry!

The scope seems pretty good, but I was wondering if you could get one of the Celestron ED scopes, as they are very digiscoping friendly.

Just food for thought for you!

All the best,


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Things like this, from Baader are a universal type and will allow you to use a DSLR, or point and shoot.

There is lots of universal adapters out there. 

They are not as sleek as adapters designed specifically for a brand of scope, but they will work.

The main thing is that you are going to need some time behind the scope, using the camera, before you get to Texas.

One thing you might also want to do is look at stuff for the Theron optics Saker 60mm. Its the same scope, just re-branded.

Adapters that work the the Theron will be the same as for the Helios.

But, I bet you will have to go with a universal adapter.

A link that might help.


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Thank you for your replies, I will continue to research.

Gre66 :)

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