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just like, Dave J. in another thread , i was getting seriously peeved off with my results/gear.

like danny and baz said don't expect amazing results your used to with a big 500mm lens and dslr, my big mistake was going the "pro" route too fast i bought a nikon d5100 then a t2 adaptor and a celestron 100 ed scope =fail , for some reason which to this day i cannot fathom out all my photo's were all out of focus, my tripod was rock solid i lined the subject up focused as sharp as i could see in the viewfinder took loads shots and all where bad no matter what settings i used. (must be something incompatible with the d5100 body and eyepiece on the celestron )

my setup now consists of the same scope but i replaced my nikon with a £120 used panasonic g3 m43 camera body with a swivel lcd and digital viewfinder as standard which is nice and bright, then after reading a thread on a yahoo digiscoping group http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/digiscopingbirds/messages/ i found the perfect lens to match it with a Olympus 14-42 MSC II lens.

the panasonic m43 14-42 kit lens does not work with the celestron eyepiece.

it connects to the scope with 37mm-43mm step ring.

only downsides to my setup is limitation to 16mp , camera is a bit heavy on the eyepiece ( slight strain on the lens ) unless i can find a better mount

now i'm getting allot better focus and i can zoom allot furthur in, still learning some of the advanced setting but i have got my will to digiscope back :)

so i think a panasonic G3 mated with the olympus lens to celestron scope is a really good match and would highly recommend the combination of gear to anyone wanting a good setup

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Dannys Digiscoping
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This is a great post, with some real sucess in it.

I can't tell you how pleased I am to hear that you have re-thought your situation and are trying again.

I'm sure Baz will disagree with you on the Nikon set up but just because something works for one, doesnt mean it will work for everyone.

Do let us know how you progress, and send some pics in!!

Well Done :)

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thanks danny will do, i'm off the spurn point this weekend for the migration festival and next week bempton cliffs :)

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