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Been a while but I've been waiting for a custom made item which arrived today and I can now hook up my Nikon 1 S1 camera {the poor mans V2] with a 11-27.5 Nikor lens, to my Opticron ES 80 GA ED 'scope using either a  23X HDF Eyepiece, which I find is the best bet, or a  20-60X SDL v2 Eyepiece. I have also added a cheap magnyfying loupe that really helps a lot on sunny days and has whetted my appitite for a better model from "Hoodman"

The set up seems to work well, although I was shooting on a rainy, cloudy day through double glazing, but Im pleased with the results, just a few distant car number plates and a few shots of Goldfinchs on my feeders, two of which can be seen on the facebook digiscoping group page.

Thanks Danny for your recent advise which pointed the way. I'm pretty sure I'm on the way now, so' lets go digiscoping! Dave J.


Dave J.

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Dannys Digiscoping
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Hi Dave,

So glad that you're getting there now. I cant wait to see your results!!

And I'm pleased to have helped. The maze of different connection possibilities still stumps me at times even now!!

Please keep contributing to the forum. Experiences like yours provide us all with valuable info to learn from ourselves.

Thank you too!



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