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I have been so busy with the kids schooling and fall yard work that I just have not been able to get out much.

But, yesterday I had a few hours tou get away. Boy did I find out how bad I missed it.

I was out of practice.

So many subjects got away due to my inability to get set up quickly.

I missed a very nice shot at a Northern flicker woodpecker.

It still kills me to think that I had a clear shot, at close range, with excellent sun and other conditions and I just could not execute.

But, in a tree next to the post that the Northern flicker was on, there was an American Kestrel!

Oh man!  I am killing myself! OVEREXPOSED AGAIN!   

I looked at the camera after the kestrel flew away, the ISO was set at 800 !!!!!!!!!

Way too much ISO for that much bright sun.

Even though I got the shutter up to 1/320 the picture still came out over exposed due to the high ISO.

That was all I got!

Then later that night I heard some Great Horned Owls in the neighbor hood.

So, I grabbed up the gear and went out into the darkness.

It was a bad night. No moon light. Very dark.

I set the ISO at the expanded ISO setting above 6400 (the H setting).

Held the shutter open for six seconds and ....................

Crap. Very high grain.

But, there was another one, closer to a light scource.

So, I dropped my ISO to 3200 and decided to use a longer shutter speed.


So frustrating. 

What  a day. I learned that digiscoping is a skill. Skills tend to go away if not kept up with. 

I need to spend some serious time behind the digiscoping gear. I am RUSTY!

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ive just started, i hope i can take a shot like that one day, why is it over exposed ? i dont even understand ISO yet, concentrating on aperture and shutter speed for now,

ps how do you post pics directly ? ive just posted my "best" 1st attempt on another thread and i just get a link, 

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Robin105, to answer your question "how do you post pics directly?"

When you post, there is a bar across the top of your post. 

It contains things like font, itallics, bold, colors, indenting, links, enoticons, and a blue square outlined in a blue border.

Write your post, up to the point where you want to include the pic. 

Then click that blue square. A pop up will appear and you paste the link to the picture in the pop up and click ok. The picture will be added into the post right away.

You can then continue posting.

Now, your other question. " why is it overexposed?"

See how the light behind the bird is really super bright?

It tends to wash out the sharpness of the edges of the leaves and the bird. 

Even the darker shades that should be in the bark lines on the tree are not as defined as they could be.

The bird was in the shade of the tree, it should be darker. The pic as it is looks to be in full sun.

Its not a bad pic. Its a good pic for species identification, but it could have been better with a lower ISO.

ISO and shutter speed work hand in hand. Lowering the ISO means that you usually have to slow down the shutter speed. 

ISO really depends on the lighting conditions you have to work with. 

Like the above Owl pictures, the light from the moon and stars is all you have. Unless you have a porch light, or street lamp, but how often does that happen?

Digiscping is tough enough during the day, trying it at night is a totally different nightmare.

I like the challenge of digiscoping. 

I promise, if you just keep playing with it, you will take pictures better than the ones I posted in no time.

The trick is to be willing to "NOT" get the picture. Yep it's backward. But while learning, getting the perfect picture takes a back seat to learning what went wrong and what worked.

I struggle with this. I want to get the pic so bad, that I dont make sure my settings are fine tuned. 

The result is that the picture I was so desperate to get, didn't work out anyways. I would have been better off to just really work with the camera and hope the bird stayed put long enough.

When everything is right, I have been able to take some really nice pictures.

I have even had some of them printed at 30 inches X 20 inches (76cm X 50cm) 200DPI and they are stunningly sharp and clear. They hang on my walls, mixed with professional wildlife photography. 

Just keep working on it. Failure is part of it. Even with a traditional camera, wildlife photography is tough. Its not often that you get all the elements lined up perfect, you just hope that you know your equipment well enough to capture it when it happens.

All of us are still working on it.

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thanks Muleyman, ive had a look and figured out how to adjust my ISO so i'll have a go next time, 

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