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The DIGIDAPTER and your Swarovski Modular System

Below is a short video telling you a little about this 3rd party adapter that seems to be becoming ever more popular

There isn't an awful lot to write about this adapter. It is a simple idea that has been refined as the years have passed. Its a well made adapter, and it'll do the job of connecting cameras to most of the frontline scope brands.

Many of the very best American digiscopers are using the DIGIDAPTER as their main means of connection. Compacts, Systems cameras and DSLR's will all fit on the Digidapter. I believe that all you need to do is state if you are intending to use a DSLR as the mounting platform is bigger on this model.

A clever design, but with simple operation is what really stands out for me about this adapter, oh, and the price is very competitive too!!!

Follow this link  http://www.digiscopeadapter.com  to be taken to the official DIGIDAPTER website for more information about compatibility and prices!!

If you would rather contact me then please feel free and I will help you :)


Tried & Tested

The Digidapter is without doubt one of the tried and tested adapters that has only gotten easier to use. It is the ultimate in platform adapter refinement. They are machined from billet aluminium, which makes them extremely light, but also extremely sturdy.

There is no better endorsement than the list of top digiscopers that use the Digidapter. They are capable of taking much larger CSC cameras such as the Panasonic GH4, which does give the Digidapter a clear advantage over other 3rd party adapters.

On a personal note, I really like the personal help that I received from Paul Sayegh, the Digidapter creator. He is always looking to better his product, and to provide a good service to his customers. Making a decent living from digiscoping is very difficult, but it seems like Paul is bucking that trend by sticking to his models and expanding the range as new scopes hit the market.

So, for a tried and tested adapter, the Digidapter rules!

Below are a few images taken with various cameras and my Digidapter!