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Beautiful Bittern
Lurking in the reedbeds of East Anglia one of the most iconic species of Heron resides.
The males distinctive "Booming" call in spring is quite unmistakable.
The Bittern quietly stalks its prey of fish and is perfectly adapted to its environment.
Don't blink, or you'll lose them!!

Taken on: 
Swarovski STX ocular with 95mm objective, Swarovski TLS APO, Nikon 1 V1 camera with Nikon FT-1 adapter.

(Taken with Swarovski ATS 80HD, Swarovski TLS APO & Canon EOS 650D)

Swarovski STX 95, TLS APO, Panasonic GX1

Swarovski STX 95, TLS APO & Panasonic GX1

Top 2 images are of a Male Bittern
Next 2 images are of a Female Bittern
Bottom image is of a Male Bittern booming to a Female
Digiscoped using: Swarovski STX Ocular with 95mm Objective, TLS APO, Sony Alpha a6000 with Sony E mount T2 adapter