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On this page you can buy adapters to help to enhance your Swarovski Optik scope

Some websites can be difficult to negotiate, so I aim to give you the chance to buy your adapter through my website.

Swarovski produces quality brand adapters that are available from your local stockist, in my case that is Viking Optical in Halesworth, or visit the Swarovski Optik website.

If you need any help or advise then please contact me.

Digisco Turbo Adapter for Micro 4/3 systems cameras & 20mm lens.

(compatible with nearly all modern Panasonic & Olympus cameras)

Complete set up.
Anything that isn't a part of the adapter is not included in the price!!

The parts you will require for the basic Digisco adapter are as follows:
(This will be the minimum requirement)

1. 1x Main Plate @ 55.00
2. 1x 20mm, F1.7 ring @ 18.00
3. 1x Camera Base @ 55.00
4. 1x D&Y adapter @ 50.00
5. 1x TA4 (Turbo Adapter) @ 38.00
6. 1x SHIPPING from JAPAN @ 20.00

Sub Total; 236.00


It takes around 9 days to arrive from Japan & clear U.K customs so please factor this when making your decision.

For additional extras such as the red dot sight or the cable release mechanism and cable please ask for these costs.

I will do all the middle man work.

Viking Universal Smartphone Adapter

Connect your smartphone to your Swarovski Spotting scope!

Please tell me whether you would like your adapter for the ATX/STX or ATS/STS in the comments section of the buying page please!!