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Proudly present a new solution for digiscoping with the Swarovski Optik Modular Telescopes!

Please read on to find out about the new D+Y adapter that has been specially machined to fit onto the ocular module of your STX or ATX telescope.

I have long been an admirer of Digisco digiscoping adapters of Japan. However, I thought that for adapters that are so well made that there were not enough being used in the U.K.

There could be simple reasons for this, such as price, ease of buying and competition from other third party adapters and of course, Swarovski's brand digiscoping adapters.

That we can look at later, but for now I need to introduce a new adapter collar for the Swarovski Modular system scopes, the STX & ATX.

I didn't go out in search of an idea for an adapter collar for Digisco adapters, it kind of just came to me. I'd seen a few digiscopers removing their eye cups and attaching a camera to these exposed threads via the filter thread on the cameras lens.

Personally, I thought that this was probably a little stressful on the cameras lens so it occurred to me that an adapter would solve all of this easy scoping! This adapter simply had to attached to the threads left on the ocular module, this then became a reality as Yoshi Ishimaru from Digisco happily went about making the D+Y adapter.

Quite a simple design. The D+Y adapter attaches to the threads on the scopes eyepiece that are revealed when the eye cup is removed. Its easy to attach and protects the threads nicely.

Here we can see the Swarovski STX Ocular with the eye cup removed. Now we can see the threads at the end that the D+Y adapter connects too. It is a 52mm thread.

And in this picture we can see the D+Y adapter attached to the ocular module. Its a good, snug fit and will not come undone in any circumstances. So, as you can see, the D+Y adapter fits perfectly onto the Swarovski Ocular modules.

The Set Up & Getting Set Up!

One of the hardest things with obtaining a Digisco adapter is their website! It is all in Japanese as you might expect but its not easy reading, even when the page has been translated. Key words and phrases are often defined incorrectly making it very hard to buy in confidence.

Then there is the import duty on the items. This is basically V.A.T & shipping, so they have to be charged, but its is all expense. In saying that though, the DIGIDAPTER is also an import so is taxable upon arrival in the U.K. Its not going to break the bank, but is only fair to warn you before you decide on an adapter!

So, not only do you have a point of contact, I can now help to get these adapters for you. So, if you have anymore questions or order requests then please get in touch and I will be happy to help if I can.

So, for those of you that want to know more then please read on!

Digisco & Swarovski Optik
Set Up

This is a breakdown of the parts required to make up the Digisco adapter.

  1. This is the Swarovski Optik Modular. Either straight of angled with work fine as the eyecup threads are the same on both modules.
  2. This is the D+Y adapter. It attaches to the eye cup threads.
  3. This is the Digisco Turbo adapter TA4-2. Called the Turbo adapter because it can be attached and removed very quickly and easily.
  4. Optional sight, DOS-CS1. Handy for aligning your scope on the subject. Probably better used with angled set ups for me.
  5. Camera adapter BR-N1 10-30. Designed specifically for the 10-30mm lens of the Nikon 1 series cameras. Other adapters are available for different cameras.
  6. The cable release system with Digisco cable 455US. This is a must for any digiscoper.
  7. This is my Nikon 1 V3 with 10-30mm lens with Electronic ViewFinder (EVF) Here is a link for a complete review: http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/nikon-1-v3
  8. Digisco LCD Hood & Magnifier. The best attaching hood I've ever seen. This is a stunning addition, but again is optional.

What a beauty of a set up!

Sublime Operation

The Digisco adapter is one of the best made adapters that I have ever used and that you are ever likely to have seen. With so few of them in the U.K its extremely difficult to even try one out. So now for the first time, you all can see what Digisco can do!

The adapter fits to camera and scope so well. It oozes precision, and the task of digiscoping is only made easier as alignment and steadiness is assured with smooth connecting surfaces and simple, yet effective attachments. The little things make this stand out from the crowd for me though......
The cable release mechanism is brilliant! Not only is the height adjustable, but the quality cable release can be adjusted for depth and is very robust. What I like about this room for adjustment is that I can operate the camera with my finger if I want too.

I often like to use my set up off the tripod, especially in hides and when doing flight work.

This requires a more easoer approach than cable release, so I'm really glad to be able to have a choice here. 

The LCD hood with built in magnifier is the very best I've ever seen. 
Digisco make these, and its not just the magnifier that is good. The clarity of image seen through the magnifier is quality. You see the whole screen enlarged. Great for long range viewing as well as digiscoping. This will help for those distant images for sure.
What is really well thought out though is the mount. A base with sticky tape affixes to the outside of your cameras LCD and then the hood attaches to this base and is held in place by 4 plastic bearings that release the hood with a gentle pull. No straps, no magnets, just quality workmanship from a well thought out idea. Many, if not all would find this useful.

This red dot sight is probably a better solution to finding subjects for angled scope users, as I've always found that finding a subject with a straight set up was quite easy.
There is no doubt that this can prove useful and the fact that there's an iron sight means that it will be reliable in the rain.
A clever mounting system means that it will fit onto your scope in a really professional way.
Keeping the sight from getting knocked out of alignment is the only real issue that may bother the user for me here.

Finally, the lens mount is yet another piece of sublime creation.
The adapter unscrews into two parts and the lens is places inside the rear half. The front half then screws on and holds the lens firmly in place. This then holds the whole camera into the bracket and leaves areas such as the battery door completely unhindered so swapping the battery is a simple operation. 

Digisco Set Up Video

A video showing how to set this Digisco adapter will appear here soon!!

Conclusion and a few results!!

There are many words that I could use to describe just how good this adapter from Digisco is, but I think the one that stands out the most is professional.

The adapter does everything that you would want it to and more. I'd even go as far as saying that I'm not sure if this adapter can be bettered by anyone else other than Digisco themselves!

There is the obvious downside which is cost, import duty and shipping. But, you are spending your money on the most amazing equipment, and your adapter will be delivered direct from Digisco in just over a week via Parcelforce.

I also have to say that in my dealings with Yoshi from Digisco I found him nothing short of totally helpful at all times. We arranged our sale, and the idea for the D+Y adapter on Facebook messenger! Yoshi is a Gentleman of his word, and his equipment reflects this mans ambition to please.

You will find Digisco's website quite difficult to navigate, so if you need any help then please contact me and I will help you.

Also, if you wish to try my Digisco adapter then please lets arrange a time to meet at RSPB Minsmere and you are more than welcome to try before you buy.

Here is a link to Digisco's website: http://www.digiscoshop.com/

Thank you for reading, and here are a few results from my first try out in dull conditions in November!