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  • Have you ever considered trying to digiscope but not known where to start?
  • Worried by not knowing how to use your camera with your scope?
  • Want to try some equipment before spending money on the wrong equipment?
  • Wondering if you could take some great pictures?
  • Ever wondered if anyone offers digiscoping lessons?

Well now there is an answer!!

Book yourself.... 

a one to one.... 

"Digiscoping Day of Tuition!!"

Whether you wish to try digiscoping with a compact camera or DSLR camera, I can provide the equipment for you to try either format!

Learn to digiscope using the very latest digiscoping equipment very kindly supplied by Swarovski Optik.

Or, if you have a digiscoping set up of your own that you wish to use then we can take time to get the very best from it.

Take some time out with me and experiment instead of trying to figure it all out yourself.

I will provide a fun, yet informative days instruction on the art of digiscoping.

Learn using either Digital compact, DSLR, Compact systems camera or mobile phone!!

DSLR Style Digiscoping Set Up


Compact Camera Digiscoping Style Set Up

Nikon Coolpix P5100 & Celestron Ultima 80 ED Scope


The Course...

Join me for a day (7 hours) digiscoping at RSPB Minsmere Nature Reserve.

Spend time learning to digiscope with both compact and DSLR set ups.

Banish any fears that you may have by trying before you buy for yourself.

Entrance fee for non RSPB members will be paid for by me.

So bring yourself, a packed lunch and sensible, seasonal outdoor gear for a fun days digiscoping!

There are plenty of hides on the reserve in case of rain.


125 per day 

I look forward to meeting you!!


Where abouts am I?
I am based in Lowestoft, Suffolk.
Known as the "Sunrise Coast", Suffolk is a haven for all things wild!
Digiscoping will only be one of the many new things that you discover on your days tuition!!


Geriant Robson

"When I first started out digiscoping I had little to no knowledge on the subject. Every website I passed were either unhelpful or inactive. It wasn't until I came across Dannys Digiscoping that I was able to have my questions answered quickly and professionally, Danny gave me the advice and techniques I needed to take the photos I take today. Extremely helpful and I recommend Danny to anyone who wants to get into digiscoping"


Barry Woodhouse

 Hi my name is Barry Woodhouse

I've been a birder since the age of 14 on and off, having spent my time doing other stuff

i.e cycle racing. Having retired from that I thought i'd get back into birding and thought

about digiscoping. I browsed the internet as you do to find out about digiscoping,

and found Danny's site.


I knew nothing at all about cameras, Danny advised and helped me on all aspects of

digiscoping so that now I have progresed from using a compact to a dslr camera. I

am taking fantastic images now, this is all down to Danny. We have become good

friends & meet up regularly for field trips digiscoping.


Danny is a great teacher and with his help,  and if you are willing to listen and learn you to

could become a top digiscoper.


Best wishes and good luck regards Barry Woodhouse 

Terry Weatherley

I have just returned from a day digiscoping with Danny. I was not sure
what to expect but must say that the day exceeded my expectations. We
spent the day at Minsmere bird reserve. Transport and entrance  all
The morning was spent exploring the compact Camera set up. Right from
the start I was expected to do, not watch. A quick explanation of the
basics . (It helped that I knew about aperture and exposure and the way
they are inter linked but this was not essential). Then it was up to me.
I found that the focus was critical and my first attempts show this!
However as the morning went on I got better.

After lunch I used the DSLR set up. A quite different technique was
demonstrated a step at a time. Then over to me to put it into practice.
Again I found the focus to be critical and the most difficult. Again as
the afternoon went on my photos got sharper.

In all we took about 200 photos and yes, a few were good.

I found Danny's manner to be friendly , helpful, encouraging and
enthusiastic. Was it a day (and money) well spent? Certainly and more.
Thank you Danny.

Karen Johnson

Great day, I really enjoyed my course, Danny is a great instructor and I learnt lots that will stand me in good stead for buying a scope and pursuing digiscoping as a fun and cost effective alternative to a camera lens that costs more than my car!!

Comes highly recommended!!

Andy Phillips
"Fantastic day out with Danny getting up to date on modern photographic techniques for birders, with the emphasis hands-on.
Danny is an enthusiastic, empathic and effective imparter of information and I am looking forward to going out with him again."

Linda Neal

'My day with Danny was thoroughly enjoyable and very successful. First I wanted to understand more about spotting scopes, and what is involved in digiscoping. Finding I enjoyed the process I then needed a clear idea of what to look for in my first set of kit. Danny came through on all counts, and I'm now researching equipment on the internet so I can put what I have learned into practice.'

Andy Levitt

I have been a birder for a number of years ,during the last year I
decided to upgrade my scope to a Swarovski 80.

I tried hand held shots
first but now have a Nikon P6000 which is OK.

 I needed advice about
different camera setups and settings so I booked one of Danny's all
day lessons.It was money well spent.I had a great day,got to use a
compact set up and then DSLR in the afternoon.

Danny is a great bloke
and a really good digiscoper .I would recomend having a lesson to
anyone interested in starting digiscoping.

I now feel more confident
with my digiscoping thanks to Danny's tips and advice.

You could do this too :)


It was a very snowy day when Stephen took this. The light wasn't great, but we still managed to get a few pictures. Taken on the DSLR set up.

Mike & I spent a day at Lackford Lakes SWT reserve. The light was good at times which helped. Taken using the DSLR set up.

These lovely geese were captured using the Compact set up by Karen. Good light in the morning helped this shot and the focussing too.


Terry took this picture at close range using the DSLR set up. Again more light would've helped us this day.


Andy took this photo using the DSLR set up in reasonable conditions. He took some good shots using the compact set up also, but this one ranked number one as white is easy to over expose and Andy showed good understanding of exposure to get this shot right!

Andy took this in good light using the DSLR set up. The lapwing was fairly mobile, but good shutter speeds were achievable to freeze motion and make the picture. This is a really good picture for a first timer!

Linda took this stunning picture using the DSLR set up. Good light & a close subject really helped. Linda worked very hard on her lesson, and because of this she was very comfortable with digiscoping by the time our lesson was over.

Wigeon taken by Adrian Manley

Adrian spent all day learning compact camera set ups. Starting on my equipment Adrian was competant early on. He progressed to using his own camera, adapter & scope and did very well considering the awful conditions and lack of birds at Minsmere this day.

Snipe taken by Kelvin Douglas

Kelvin & I were blessed with excellent weather, which made using his Nikon D3200 DSLR much easier. Kelvin progressed nicely throughout the day and I think he was really hooked on digiscoping by the time we parted ways!