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RSPB Havergate Island "Photography; Days of Discovery"


I was foruntate enough to meet Monika Koch during a camp night at RSPB Minsmere. During that time she said to me "Danny, I really must find a way to incorporate your digiscoping into a RSPB event." Well, true to her word, I received an email asking wether or not I would like to be involved in a new venture on RSPB Havergate Island, that involved all kinds of photography. Needless to say I jumped at the chance!

The proposal was that 4 tutors would accompany 8 students to the island for 12 hours of exclusive access to the whole island. Tasty pastries and savoury delights would be in the offering. 4 main forms of photography tuition would be available. Macro (super close up), Landscape (wide angle), Conventional Tele-Photography & Digiscoping.

Arriving at Orford Quay for 6am and returning for around 6pm it was going to be a long day of fun and exploration!

The island itself has been a RSPB reserve since 1948, and is famous for being Suffolks only island and for its colony of rather confiding Hares!

I'll leave you with a few pictures & some further info from a very succesful day.... April 21st 2013

Meet the Tutors!!

Here are links to the other tutors that gave their time to help the students and the RSPB.


Celia Bartlett

Celia worked mostly with macro photography, althouh she had bought a selection of cameras and lenses with her.

Celia's knowledge stems from a lifelong affair with photography, and it has always been a part of her life.

Celia works freelance as well as doing bespoke work.

Here are links to her website & blog.

Website: http://www.ailecphotography.co.uk/index.php

Blog: http://ailecphotography.blogspot.co.uk/


Tony Pick

Tony worked the wider angle and showed students how to capture beautiful scenery shots.

Tony has his own photography shop in Aldeburgh, Suffolk so you can visit and see more of his stunning work. Not limited just to landscapes, Tony, like Celia covers the whole photography spectrum in his work.

To see more, or book one of Tony's practical courses have a look at his website.

Website: http://www.tonypickphotography.co.uk/

Jon Evans

Jon, a self confessed private kind of guy is without doubt one of Suffolk's most succesful and experienced conventional tele-photographers.

He wields his Nikon D300 & 600mm lens with great ease, producing inspirational and razor sharp images of the very best of natures beauty.

Starting in 1976, Jon's near 40 years practice behind the viewfinder makes him stand out from the crowd. 3 Bird Guides "Photo of the Week (so far)" awards and more than 100 noteable pictures make him one of the very best.

To see more have a look at Jons blog

Blog: http://jonevansbirding.blogspot.co.uk/

Paul Hackett

Mention the name Paul Hackett amongst digiscopers and most, if not all will know who you are talking about.

Paul is one of the U.K's leading digiscopers, and is well known for some of his stunning work with a camera and scope. His work really speaks for itself.

Paul works for Kowa U.K, and can digiscope with all types of camera.

Good examples of Pauls work can be found on You Tube & the Facebook "Digiscoping" group.

Anyone who wonders what good digiscopers achieve need look no further than Pauls work.


....and of course there was me....

Between us all we captured some really nice images of the day......

Here are a few....that might inspire one or two!!

Orford sunrise...

Waiting for the "October Storm" to take us to the island

Tony Pick 2013

Outward bound to the island

Found a Hare by the visitor centre as soon as we arrived!!

Tony Pick 2013

We all found some Hares together. Different ranges for different set ups!

Tony Pick 2013

We were greeted by this.... at 06:30

Danny Porter - Dannys Digiscoping

..and a comment on Twitter from the Hare Preservation Trust...

Which look like this, in normal light at 17:30!

Danny Porter - Dannys Digiscoping

They are normally more confiding.... < 5 metres

Danny Porter - Dannys Digiscoping

Oh, and there were some birds..honest!

Danny Porter - Dannys Digiscoping

The local colony of Lesser Black Backed Gulls made their presence felt....
Wonderully captured by  Paul Hackett
Flight shots are the hardest to capture using the digiscoping method

And stunning macro work from Celia...
What a beautiful photo

And here is a direct link the the RSPB's Havergate Island Blog.

Lots more info here about this unique habitat...


I also received this message of thanks from one of the students

Hi Danny,
Thanks very much for all your help and advice on Havergate yesterday it is very much appreciated. It would be good to get together in the next few months to see if my skills have improved.
Once again thanks very much.
Regards Mick Bennett.

More to follow after the May excursion...